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running on beachYou can succeed in the most important relationships of your life, with yourself, spouse and/or intimate partner, and children. There are no perfect marriages and families, but there are successful ones. 

Sometimes just a little bit of good information can help change things around.  Through Relationship Success I will be offering classes and workshops for schools, churches, and community organizations providing you with best information from Scripture, Christian Tradition, and social research about how one can succeed in life in love, marriage, and family.

Sometimes good information is not enough.   When couples are stuck in negative patterns and continue to be a source of frustration and hurt for one another, they need help from a trained marriage counselor to help them…

  • stop the negative cycle of hurting one another;
  • listen to one another for understanding;
  • forgive one another;
  • create new and positive ways of interacting;
  • renew emotional engagement;
  • restore trust, love, friendship, and fun.

I am available for counseling individuals, couples, and/or families.

When to go to individual counseling and therapy?

couple madWhen you want to…

  • find healing and release from life’s hurts and pains;
  • work through issues getting in the way of happiness;
  • learn new skills in self-care, self-awareness, and emotional self-management;
  • strengthen your love for God and neighbor.

When to go to couple or family counseling?

When you want to…

  • have more fun together and strengthen love and friendship;
  • learn effective ways to relate and communicate more honestly and clearly;
  • restore love, friendship, joy, and purpose to the couple / family relationship.

couple holding hands Robert Fontana has a masters in couples and family therapy and has an associate license as a marriage and family therapy.

Fees per session: $85-individual $115-couple/family

Introductory session—no charge.


Office hours: West Seattle

Mon-Tues, Holy Rosary Office,

4139 – 42nd Ave. SW

Wed-Thur, 4504 – 44th Ave. S.W.  (Prof. Bldg)

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 509-731-6012  or