St. Nicholas and Santa Claus: a Comparison

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December 6   St. Nicholas and Santa Claus

Santa wants your credit card; Nicholas wants your heart.

Santa will turn you into a consumer; Nicholas will help you be a servant.

Santa is a whimsical tale of a fat old elf who gives toys to boys and girls who have been good; St. Nicholas helped children escape from poverty and slavery.

Santa reminds us to give presents; Nicholas reminds us to give ourselves.

Santa is controlled by the department store; Nicholas was led by the Spirit.

Santa is a man dressed in a costume; Nicholas was a Bishop who cared for his people.

Santa reminds us to follow the Christmas sales; Nicholas reminds us to follow Jesus.

Santa promises us happiness through gift-giving; Nicholas reminds us that happiness is the fruit of a faithful life.

Santa is a fun story to read to children at Christmas Eve; Nicholas was a man of great compassion who sold his possessions and gave the money to the poor so that he could do God’s will in perfect freedom.

st nicholasSanta has nothing to do with Jesus the God-Man whose birth is celebrated on Christmas Day.  Nicholas’ life only makes sense because of his love and commitment to Jesus the God-Man whose birth is celebrated on Christmas Day.

St. Nicholas, we need your prayers during this Advent-Christmas season.  Pray that, as we enjoy the holiday, we may be mindful of God’s love for us and God’s command to love our neighbor.  Help us to imitate Jesus during these busy days by making time for quiet reflection and meaningful service. May God give us the grace to be content with what we have and who we are.  Amen!