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by Renee Garrot (Lori and Robert’s niece)

reneee ccIt is easy to look back on certain events in my life years later and now see the meaning or purpose they each played in shaping not only the path my life would take, but the person I would become. Yet the events that come to the forefront of my memory are not always the happiest, brightest, or easiest, but they are the ones that have allowed me the grace to experience miracles. My living miracle has been the miracle of adoption.

I was fifteen years old sitting in Spanish class when an unthinkable pain developed in my lower right abdomen. That event will stick with me forever because it changed the course of the life I thought I would live. From that moment, and through the next five years, I lived with pain as if it was an un-welcomed friend. I was diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis, which is very common in women.

My parents and I traveled all over the South, from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, attempting one surgery after the other, praying for relief of this nightmare. After each new treatment, and each new medication and surgery, the endometriosis would grow back like wildfire. Even though I experienced many days where the pain was so horrendous that getting out of bed to walk was exhausting, I had three rays of hope that kept me looking beyond the pain: my family, my school, and my faith.                                    

During this time my doctors were very honest with me, and I knew that my odds of ever becoming pregnant later in life were very slim. Throughout these five years I often asked God why I was suffering so much. He would respond with helping me to understand that I do not need to worry about “why” I am suffering. He helped me understand that my cross would be heavy and my sacrifice would be great to get through this period in my life. In response to my many prayers, He would tell me that at the end of this journey what I will receive will be much greater than the suffering I was experiencing.

These conversations with the Lord gave me courage to make the decision of having a complete hysterectomy at age 20. Yes, it was a huge choice to make at such a young age and it was not one that was made easily. Life for me, from then on, was only about adopting a child whenever it came time. My heart and my mind were for once in agreement and not battling each other. I knew that God’s purpose for me was to adopt.

Fast forward fifteen years, and finally the right man comes into my life who never gave the idea of adopting a child a second thought. It was as natural to him as if he and I were discussing having biological children. My husband and I began discussing the many ways we could go about adopting soon after we were married, but never put anything into action.    After seven months of being married our miracle came from a phone call.

Five days prior to that phone call I left a very lucrative job to go back to teaching. In my former  position I was traveling a great deal and was away from home four out of five nights a week. While away from home one morning, preparing for a training in my former job, the Lord stopped me in my tracks. He called me to forsake everything else and place my family first. The moment I accepted this calling, a huge sense of a “something great is approaching” came upon me. I quit my job that day and went back to the classroom.

The phone call I received five days later was from my father, the man who stood by me as I suffered all those years before, who helped me decide to have the hysterectomy, who allowed me to cry upon his shoulder when struggling with why this was all happening. He called to tell me he knew of a baby who was a day old and was in need of being adopted. How beautiful of a miracle it was that God allowed my father to introduce this child into my life. Two hours later my husband and I were meeting our  daughter and her birth mother in the hospital. A couple hours later we were buying a car seat! We took her home from the hospital the next day and from that day forth the miracles are countless.

renee jasonIt is a miracle that she can call me mommy because there were so many days I doubted I would ever hear those words. It is a miracle she is given the opportunity to have a mother and father and a wonderful extended family through the grace of her birth mother, who so thankfully did not choose to abort her. It is a miracle that she is healthy, happy, funny, full of life (sometimes too much life), so smart, and has been given the opportunity to be curious about the world she is blessed to live in. I see everyday the miracle of my daughter’s relationship with my    mother, which mirrors the relationship I had with my grandmother, for whom my daughter is named.

Why was she chosen to live and not be aborted? I cannot answer that. To me it is a miracle. Looking back on  my life, I know the path I was on led me to my miracle baby, and I know she has a purpose on Earth. It is with God’s love and the miracle of adoption that my purpose is to guide her to find her own.

Renee Garrot is the mother of a vivacious four-year-old, and proud wife to her husband Jason. She is the author of  “The Angel Pillow,” a children’s book for families blessed by adoption.  It is currently available on Amazon and at


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  1. Danny Thibault says:

    Inspirational story! We are also blessed with an adopted daughter, 24. Adopted at 3 days old and life would definitely not be the same without her. Enjoy your adventure, too.

  2. Jan Siers says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring story!