Praying the Stations of the Resurrection

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By Robert Fontana

resurrectionCatholics have grown up praying the “Stations of the Cross.”  We have been trained since childhood to walk the path of sorrow and suffering in imitation of Jesus.  We do this so that we are strengthened in our resolve to accept the “crosses” that come our way as we seek, like Jesus, to do God’s will, not ours.  Maybe this explains why outsiders who attend Catholic services often complain that there is, “not much joy coming from the Catholic faithful.”

What if we placed an equal amount of emphasis on Easter and encountering the Risen Jesus as we do on Lent and walking with the suffering Jesus?  What if we sought to encounter Jesus alive and present to us today just as He was present to His disciples in the days and weeks following his resurrection.  Remember, Christian faith in its Catholic form (or any form) is not primarily a doctrine to be believed or a moral code to follow.  It is about encountering a person, Jesus, God’s beloved Son, who is as alive for us today as He was 2,000 years go;  Jesus, who loves us with all the passion and energy of God, and who fills us with His life and breath; Jesus, the Risen One, who frees us to love and be loved.

joyWouldn’t such an encounter bring joy to our difficult and demanding lives! Wouldn’t such an encounter liberate us from the emotional roller-coaster of placing our hope and well-being on how people treat us, the ups-and-downs of the economy, or the latest political news out of Washington.  We would look forward to the Sunday gathering of disciples with joy in our hearts, knowing that the One who is convening this gathering is none other than the Risen Lord Himself!

Lori and I have developed the Stations of the Resurrection to help us and you pray through the stories of Jesus’ resurrection, with the knowledge that the truth of these stories, Jesus alive and present, is happening right now!  The “Stations of the Resurrection” are 13 different episodes from the resurrection stories of Jesus, arranged so that the reality of Jesus’ risen life will unfold before us we pray through them.  These stations are best prayed with others and in a garden or a park if possible.  If you mark 13 stations and move from one to the next, be sure to sing a familiar hymn or Alleluia when moving from station to station.

Each station is followed by a comment from a disciple of Jesus from history (a saint) who knew the risen Jesus personally as we are trying to do so today.  They are living proof that the Risen Jesus continues to be an active presence accompanying all who love Him, regardless of time, place, and station of life.  We are meeting the risen Jesus!  We are hearing His voice!  We are receiving the Holy Spirit!  Alleluia!

The Stations of the Resurrection are too long to put on this blog site.  I’m posting the first two stations so that you have a sense of how they work.  If you would like the entire set you can download them at:

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Station 1: Jesus is placed in a tomb.

L – We adore you, O Christ, and we love you.  All – Because by your death and resurrection you have set us free.

Joseph of Arimathea…asked for the body of Jesus…he took him down, wrapped him in the linen cloth and laid him in a tomb that had been hewn out of the rock. Then he rolled a stone against the entrance to the tomb.  Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses watched where he was laid.   Mk 15:43-47

All:  Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

 From the Saints: I know of one means only by which to attain to perfection: LOVE. Let us love, since our heart is made for nothing else. Love!…that is what I ask…I know but one thing now – to love Thee, O Jesus! Glorious deeds are not for me, I cannot preach the  Gospel, shed my blood …what does it matter?   St. Therese, the Little Flower

 Station 2: The Women and the Empty Tomb

L – We adore you, O Christ, and we love you.  All – Because by your death and resurrection you have set us free.

The women who had come from Galilee with him followed behind, and when they had seen the tomb and the way in which his body was laid in it, they returned and prepared spices and perfumed oils. Then they rested on the Sabbath…But at daybreak on the first day of the week they took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb.  They found the stone rolled away from the tomb; but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.  Luke 23:55-24:3

All:  Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

From the Saints:  O living flame of love that tenderly wounds my soul in its deepest center… How gently and lovingly you wake in my heart, where in secret you dwell alone; and in your sweet breathing, filled with good and glory, how tenderly you swell my heart with love.      St. John of the Cross

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  1. diana says:

    awesome….please keep sharing your stations :)

  2. Maureen Ermeav says:

    Thanks Robert and Lori for such a beautiful gift! May God continue to bless you and inspire you to share and reflect His Love.